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Home page

Key content, product highlights and main news.

  • About

    Babylodge® history, values and inspirations, among Montessori method, design and artisanship.

  • Concept

    Montessori functionality, reductive aesthetics and sustainability as applied to our products.

    • Why Babylodge®
      The pros of our products in kids’ and parents’ everyday life.

  • Shop

    The complete and up-to-date catalogue of our products.

      • Aria
        Montessori toddler house bed.

      • Luna
        Montessori four-poster toddler bed.

      • Nuvola
        Montessori toddler teepee bed.

      • Fiocco
        Toddler natural mattress, handcrafted with pure virgin wool and raw cotton. Two sizes.

      • Lieve
        Natural toddler pillow, handmade with 100% untreated raw cotton.

      • Giro
        Natural toddler bed bumper, 
        handmade with 100% untreated raw cotton. Two color variants.

      • Panno
        Pure cotton mattress and pillow protector set. Two sizes.

      • Dots bed sheets
        Pure cotton toddler bed sheets set. Two color variants and two sizes.

      • Soffio
        Pure cotton muslin decorative toddler bed canopy. Two variants.

      • Cubotto
        Our multi-function Montessori chair.

      • Cubotto Table
        Our multi-function Montessori Kids’ Table.

      • ARIA bedroom
        Our Montessori bedroom designed around ARIA toddler house bed

      • LUNA bedroom
        Our Montessori bedroom designed around LUNA four-poster toddler bed

      • NUVOLA bedroom
        Our Montessori bedroom designed around NUVOLA teepee toddler bed

  • Stores

    The list and the map of Babylodge® retail partners.

  • News!

    • Events
      The calendar of past and forthcoming appointments.

  • Contacts & FAQs

    Contacts and answers to most asked questions.

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