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Babylodge® bed frames only use highest grade, evaporated, solid beech wood: untreated, PEFC™-certified, sourced from Germany’s State forests, renowned for their sustainable management of natural resources.

The choice of this wood – among the most valuable and finest ones – is due to its inherent physical features, ensuring the highest quality levels both in functional and aesthetic terms. In detail:

  • Strength, durability and stability;

  • Neutral and warm color, with light grains and very few knots;

  • Smooth and velvet surface, with no resin,and splinter-proof.

Also made with with the same evaporated beech wood is the mattress-base. Assembled by combining an external framework and five transversal reinforcements – all made with solid wood – with a plywood board, ensuring ideal mattress support while reducing overall weight.


Babylodge® toddler beds are crafted with extreme care by professional Italian carpenters with established, multigenerational experience.

  • Each element is cut by hand, then rounded one by one to ensure no rough edges;

  • The trickiest junctions are expertly handled by our artisans, so to ensures a quickeasy, and intuitive assembly for our customers;

  • The fastenings, manually prearranged, are entrusted to a screw-socket coupling to allow countless assembly and disassembly operations.

Craftsmanship and time are the most ancient and fundamental ingredients to do things well, as well as the guarantee of a unique product: this is why each Babylodge® bed is manually branded, identified with a unique serial number, and accompanied by an authenticity certificate.


Babylodge® products feature an essential, clean design, inspired to the basic shapes of an infant’s visual language.

Thanks to the predominance of void volumes, and to meticulous engineering of junctions and fastenings, the result offers a light, not intrusive aesthetic and, at the same time, a strong, safe structure.

Kids will find themselves into an open and welcoming place, but also personal and cozy. An apparently incompatible combination that makes Babylodge® floor beds loved by anyone, young and old.

The design cleanness and wood’s aesthetic neutrality make Babylodge® products suitable for any furnishing context.

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