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Babylodge® is an Italian company that designs and manufactures solid beech wood Montessori beds for toddlers and kids.

Born in 2017 from the idea of a mom and a dad, design lovers, professionally specialized in engineering and marketing, Babylodge® encompass the Montessori method, in all its educational and practical values.

Founding principle, main theme and ultimate purpose of Babylodge® is simplicity:

1) because it is the key to communicate with babies and kids;

2) because simple things are the most beautiful;

3) because anyone is good at complicating.

True to its origins, Babylodge® provides authentic quality products, featured by an accurate selection of raw materials, a thorough engineering, timeless design, and a completely handmade manufacturing, entrusted to the hands of experienced artisans.


Babylodge® draws inspiration from the fundaments of the Montessori educational method, according to which children engage in “psychological self-construction by means of interaction with their environments”, so that they can develop their autonomy and independence.

With specific emphasis on sleeping and playing – key moments in a toddler’s and his family’s daily life – Babylodge® flat beds feature:

1) no railings nor confining elements, in order to encourage freedom;

2) a ground base, allowing safe and independent movements at anytime.

3) free access from any side, so that the space can be entered by multiple access points, creating an ever-changing interaction with the object.

Additional inspiration comes from the learnings offered by Bruno Munari and Gianni Rodari in the field of pedagogy: starting from different but complementary inputs – images and shapes for the first, words for the latter – they both put imagination and creativity at the heart of children’s cognitive and emotional development. For this reason Babylodge® products’ design is inspired by the shapes and figures typical of the infant language, so that the incentive to freedom is not limited to the physical dimension, but can extend to sight and imagination, in an endless circle of mutual contamination.

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We believe toddlers deserve a place of their own, where they can move, play, experiment and dream. Day or night, awake or asleep. Letting children free means trusting them, allowing them to build self-confidence.

They deserve a place conceived thinking about their needs, without rules set by others, where everything is to be created and invented; a little piece of world capable of helping develop self-awareness, and nurture their own ambition of autonomy.

For all these reasons, our philosophy is “It takes space to grow“: a physical, visual, and imaginary space, made of freedom, where adults can be spectators or, at best, guests.

In chronological order, special thanks to Ada, Stefano, Antonella, Angelo, Rosy, Nadia, Cristiano and Lucia. Without them and without their participation and enthusiasm, Babylodge® would not exist today.